Bliss in a Box: Handmade, At-Home Spa Kits

Soak in all the colors, scents, and natural wonders of our world…

Every Gifts a Bliss Fair Trade bath gift set is an invitation to escape the everyday. Immerse yourself and indulge! Inspired by our world travels, our all-natural luxury bath bombs and bath fizzies burst into aromatic bubbles, steeping you in long-lasting layers of brilliant color, skin-soothing essential oils, and mood-enhancing florals, herbals, and spices. 

Bath bombs are just the beginning of your Gifts a Bliss experience. The best home spa kits create a personal sanctuary within your bath and each Gifts a Bliss bath bomb gift set is a relaxation basket brimming with everything you need to celebrate a milestone or conjure a mood: handmade body washes and butters, bath salts and scrubs, artisanal candles and washcloths, and much more. 

Made by hand. Made with love. And made to make a difference. Let Gifts a Bliss bath bomb gift baskets bring more color, passion, energy, and comfort to your life today.

Give the spa gift set of bliss and share the love.



Add some fun, fragrance and colour to your bath with our handmade bath bombs! Soak in the heavenly warmth and emerge softer, silkier, and smelling divine.